Welcome to Hotel Chatham

Hotel Chatham offers a wide range of accommodation options (Hotel, Motel, B&B, Homestay, and properties that would suit backpacker or groups).
So whatever your accommodation requirements are, we should be able to meet them, long or short term.
Even better you will be greeted by friendly local staff who still offer that good old fashioned hospitality.

The Chatham Islands is New Zealand's easternmost outpost, with the dateline stretching around the Chathams, allowing the claim to fame of being the first place in the world to welcome the new day.
Visitors from European countries can return home saying they have been to the other side of the world, as the Chathams is the furthest permanently habitated place from Europe.

The isolation of the Chathams has created a unique island lifestyle and society, many locals descend from Moriori geneology and you can discover the rich Moriori history and culture during your stay on the Chatham Islands. 

Holidaymakers wanting to relax in a friendly, laid back environment will find just what they are looking for on the Chathams, take your time as you explore the many unpsoilt hidden treasures of the Chatham Islands, take a stroll over the basalt columns, a walk on the golden sandy beaches, look for fossilized shark's teeth on the shores of Te Whanga lagoon.

Visitors after a more exhilarating holiday will also be spoilt for choice, with the best New Zealand outdoors has to offer, be it scenic walking tracks, fishing in the bountiful oceans, diving in the pristine sea, soaking up the local culture and heritage, or taking a cruise on a charter boat.

With a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, and a fully licensed restaurant and bar, your Hotel Chatham host Toni Croon is confident your stay in the Chatham Islands will be a pleasant and memorable one.