Department of Conservation Reserves


J. M. Barker (Hapupu) National Historic Reserve

An excellent example of mature Kopi forest with a dense under storey of Mahoe and Kopi seedlings, this walk is located in one of only two national historic reserves in New Zealand.

Walking time is approximately 10 minutes which will take you past the Kopi tree carvings, or Moriori rakau momori, created in pre-European times by the original Moriori settlers.

NB: Please note Hapupu is currently closed, due to re-open in the near future.


Nikau Bush Scenic Reserve

This area protects the largest stand of Nikau remaining on the main Chatham Island. The Nikau are flowering from December through to January. Walking time is approximately 1.5 hours.


Henga Scenic Reserve

This reserve has it all –featuring spectacular regenerating Kopi (karaka) and Mahoe on a 17 hectacre reserve, limestone outcrops, sand dunes, and great views of Petre Bay. The walk starts out on the coast, taking you along coastal dunes towards the south where you can enjoy the views, and then circles back through the bush to your original starting point.
Walking time is approximately 2 hours.