Fishing & Diving

The Chatham Islands offers among the best diving and fishing areas New Zealand has to offer. With pristine beaches, rugged coastlines, and teeming sealife, you can be sure of an exciting and memorable holiday.  By booking a holiday package you have peace of mind, knowing all your needs are taken care of, allowing you to concentrate fully on enjoying this scenic, untouched environment.

Hotel Chatham can offer many options for Fishing & Diving tours depending on your interest and budget.

  • You can do a lot of Fishing and Diving on your own from the rocks around certain parts of the island (However please note most land is privately owned and will require owner permission to access).
  • There are recreational reserves around the Island where you can fish for Blue cod and Dive for Paua and Crayfish.
  • The wharf is 10 minutes walk from the Hotel Chatham or Lookout Backpacker. It is a great place to fish for Blue Moki and the odd hapuka as well as many other species of fish.


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Fishing/Diving Charters

  • Fishing/Diving charters/packages available on request, pre-booking essential.
  • 1/2 Day Fishing Charters $195.00 per person
  • 1/2 Day Diving Charters $195.00 per person plus $50.00 per tank
  • Whole Day Fishing/Diving Charters available, prices on request

NB: Subject to weather, and minimum and maximum numbers

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