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Fishing & Shark Cage Diving
My girlfriend & I stayed at Hotel Chathams Owner Val Croon has Fishing Charters & Shark Cage Dive Charters. We had a great day Cage diving out on his boat , we had a 16 ft Female & 14 ft Male swimming around the boat for 4 hours ,we all got great footage in the cage ,what an experience what a buzz.

Grouper & Cod Fishing Great!!! Hospitality, food, fishing, diving & meeting the Locals. What a great time.
— by Kelvin Young from Christchurch

Go the Chathams - totally incredible
The chathams is incredible. The people are amazing. I had a great time with friends visiting and now I want to rally the troops and get a group of my fondest families with all our kids to see what an incredible place this is. It sounds like the NZ my grandparents knew..crayfish waiting to be picked up, fishing so busy with one after another, the paua in rockpools, the sealife abundant, the people so friendly. incredibel flora and fauna.

But Hotel Chathams really surprised me, incredible rooms - better than every 5 Star I have stayed in and the food was awesome. Ok they don’t have Lady Grey Tea.... But that is the only thing lacking. The Croon family made us feel like family, very special family. Every meal was gourmet and totally delicious.

Pitt Island was a highlight. Paua fritters/crayfish salad, home cooking. OMG!!! Admiral Farm.........WOW
Tommy Solomon - so intriguiing, the wood carvings mystifying.....
— by Madeline Hernon from Auckland

Arrived at the Chatham’s Islands where we were met with the warm hospitality off the plane from Hotel Chatham’s owner, this hospitality lasted the entire time though out our stay. The Chatham Hotels accommodation was outstanding and the food amazing, fresh seafood and warm hospitality. Day tripped over to Pitt Island and enjoyed a fantastic walk to see the millennium sculptures a must do the views were breathtaking.
A fantastic place to visit if you enjoy the outdoors, diving, walking bird lovers or you just want to get away from it all. I honestly feel extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity to see this spectacular place.
— by Clare Davies from Nelson

They say you should see your own country before you rave about places around the world you have visited. The Chathams prove this to be true. When you arrive you feel like you are in the New Zealand of 40 years ago. The abundance of seafood ( we are talking crayfish, paua and blue cod ) make you wonder why you have to go so long between bites in other parts of the country. You might even get to the stage where you need to miss crayfish at the next meal!
The accommodation at Hotel Chathams and the Travellers Rest put some of our 4 to 5 star hotels on the mainland to shame. Go visit and have a great time like I did.
— by Philip Dixon from Auckland

Amazing Place
I didn’t stay at the Chathams Hotel, but Val still looked after me like a great host! I met Val at the bar along with some of the locals. I joined a tour to the seal colony and Kaingaroa Sea Food Feast, wow what food and what a setting. I hired a bike and pedaled past Owenga to the Tommy Solomon Statue, a great ride on a beautiful day.
The island is so unique, the people incredibly friendly, I haven’t had a more enjoyable holiday! Pitt Island is a must visit, a really special place. Why are the Chatham Islands almost unvisited as a holiday destination?
— by Russell Wade from Auckland

Our party of 14 blokes initially decided to go to the Chatham’s for the fishing experience. While the fishing blew us all away, the whole Chatham’s experience offered so much more.
Our tour and stay, organised by Val and the crew at Hotel Chatham, was really first rate. Guided trips, nature walks, historical sites, the trip to Pitt Island; we all had a blast.
The food and accommodation was also superb, nothing was a problem at all, and we were kept entertained the whole time. A really special place.
— by James Cameron from Nelson, New Zealand

Wonderful week with you, sharing some great fun times. Great hosts, thanks very much. Very special thanks to Val from my husband Graeme, and Lois - I’ll certainly be thinking of you each spring as I intend to get several of those beautiful white daffodils you had in your bowl!
Thanks to you all and to your wonderful staff. Hope I’ll be back.
— by Barbara Roff from Invercargill

I had a great time with you all on your windy outpost, and Thank You for taking such good care of us. The blue cod a great hit at my luncheon party next day, and I was happy to share with guests our experiences and adventures.
— by Barry Ferguson from Auckland

Honeymoon in the Chathams
We had a fantastic time spending a week in the Chathams for our honeymoon! We stayed in a superior suite which had beautiful views over the bay and a bathtub. Val, Natasha, Karen and their team looked after us so well and made us feel so welcome. We had two awesome trips out fishing and diving...the crayfish are enormous and we caught so many hapuka and blue cod! There is so much to do on the island - we found fossilised sharks’ teeth, saw the dendroglyphs (Moriori tree carvings), visited the Moriori Marae where a peace hui was being held, gathered our own paua from the shore, saw Mollymawks, lots of cheeky weka and the Chathams Island wood pigeon (parea), visited the beautiful Admiral’s Gardens and much much more. And the people are so friendly and interesting to talk to. A very special and memorable honeymoon!
— by Heather and Jacob from Wellington

A wonderful, wonderful trip
We visited the Chathams in October 2016 and stayed at Hotel Chatham. The hotel was located right beside the ocean and so we woke up to sea views. The food and our rooms were excellent and I thoroughly recommend them. I was catered for very well as a vegetarian.
I am still buzzing from that trip, even though we have been back two months. The coastline was stunning, with dramatic cliffs and the sand on the beaches was beautiful, thick, light golden sand (much better than Waikiki, and I’ve been there too). Our flight over was very pleasant, and the flight on the Cessna when we went to Pitt Island was excellent. Although we only visited Pitt Island for a day and so did not stay at Flowerpot Lodge, we had morning tea there and the facilities were outstanding, not to mention the Devonshire Tea. There was so much to see in the Chathams and we had only a tiny bit of drizzle, otherwise the weather was much better than Wellington’s, the whole time we were there. I can’t rave enough about our Chatham Islands experience and really recommend it to anyone who wants something a bit different and entirely refreshing; because of the distance from the rest of NZ, it costs more but I would have paid twice as much and still thought it was value for money. Do go there - it is a wonderful, wonderful and intriguing destination.
— by Marg Pearce from Whitby, Porirua, North Island