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Our team

Visitors to the Chathams get to experience what we think is probably the island's highlight: the authenticity of Chatham Island people. It takes unique individuals to live and work on an isolated island so you can expect friendly locals at the Hotel whose hospitality is generous and genuine. We can't wait for you to meet our entire team of passionate islanders who love sharing their special place with you.


Toni Croon & Ruby


There may not be anyone more passionate about the Chatham Islands than Toni. (We know there are others, but you know what we mean). A former horse trainer, Toni is goal driven and afraid of nothing. She lives with passion every day figuring out how the next one can be even better. Toni's a solid leader but you'll see she's happy to role up her sleeves and perform any role in her business. She's passionate about people, design, food and hospitality. Toni is excited about the opportunities that continued development of the hotel represents for her team, her Island and her community that she loves. And don't forget, Ruby – wherever Toni is you'll find her cute spoodle.


Trudy McCallum


Trudy was born and raised in Invercargill and started work dairy farming. In 2021 she got an opportunity to work for the Hotel, so she jumped on that plane and hasn’t looked back since! She is serious and 100% loyal to her job and believe us when we say you can hear her laughter before you see her. Trudy has a passion for working with bees alongside Toni and Ruby. Together they produce the silkiest smooth, golden honey. Trudy loves gardening and uses her home grown vegetables in the Hotel’s dishes. Trudy’s bubbly personality and work ethic keeps our teams energy in top shape.


Binny - Anand Padinjaroote


Binny has travelled  the world, but in 2022 he made the Chathams his home. He has a passion for cooking and a wealth of experience gained from working in a wide range of restaurants. Binny has knowledge of Indian, Western and European cuisines. His diverse cultural experiences enable him to create amazing dishes. However, his strongest point is catering for our vegan and vegetarian guests as he is vegetarian himself. As well as Binny’s fish and meat meals, his vegan curries are to die for.

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