Our team

Visitors to the Chathams get to experience what we think is probably the island's highlight: the authenticity of Chatham Island people. It takes unique individuals to live and work on an isolated island so you can expect friendly locals at the Hotel whose hospitality is generous and genuine. We can't wait for you to meet our entire team of passionate islanders who love sharing their special place with you.


Toni Croon & Pipi


There may not be anyone more passionate about the Chatham Islands than Toni. (We know there are others, but you know what we mean). A former horse trainer, Toni is goal driven and afraid of nothing. She lives with passion every day figuring out how the next one can be even better. Toni's a solid leader but you'll see she's happy to role up her sleeves and perform any role in her business. She's passionate about people, design, food and hospitality. Toni is excited about the opportunities that continued development of the hotel represents for her team, her Island and her community that she loves. And don't forget, Pipi – wherever Toni is you'll find her cute black dog. Not so cute that she can't round up cattle though!


Floyd Prendeville


Floyd is the committed male beside the team of women leading Hotel Chatham. His former profession as a Chathams diver means he is measured and patient and has always got time to listen to any concerns in our workplace. Floyd's official role here is General Manager and Bar Manager, but he's also a hotel family member and friend to many. He's a true Chatham Islander whose heart will always be at home.


Wayne Deuxberry


Wayne spent 13 years away from New Zealand training in France and on culinary adventures in Europe and Africa. A kiwi at heart, with a love for hunting and fishing, Wayne’s been home for the last 10 years chefing and living the life in sunny Nelson, immersed in quality regional produce and New Zealand’s food culture.  A passion for kaimoana led Wayne to the Chatham’s and since 2017 we have enjoyed the rewards of his more-than 25 years experience, strong focus on quality dining, knack with kaimoana, and jolly whistling in the kitchen.


Francesca Bonventre


Francesca is the Italian influence on the Chatham Islands. Formerly from Rome and once a student of law, Francesca found herself on the Chathams for a visit in 2014. She’s remained ever since. She calls herself an off-beat person who thinks outside the square. Francesca likes learning new things; mixing them with her background and observing the outcome.

She believes in ideals like – Life is short, so it’s better to be kind and love your job and you will have never worked one day. Her task at the moment is to be the best reservations and marketing person Hotel Chatham’s ever had.